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A brief history...

Named after the Earl of Clarendon, the orchestra was originally formed to play at the retirement concert for Principal of the Watford School of Music, Kenneth Leaper in 1983. The orchestra was so well recieved that it was decided to keep it going. The members were made up from ex-Watford School of Music pupils who wanted to keep in touch and play music together. The Clarendon Orchestra soon developed a reputation for for large scale performance, choosing repertoire that was able to support the large number of players.

In 1987 the orchestra stopped playing. Due to Adrian being appointed at the Halle and lack of financial support it was decided that the moment had passed and the Clarendon Orchestra would disband.

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12th September 1983 - Symphony No.1 - Mahler

16th July 1984 - The Rite of Spring - Stravinsky

7th May 1985 - Ein Heldenleben - Strauss

17th February 1986 - Symphony No.3 - Mahler

15th December 1986 - The Planets - Holst

20th July 1987 - Symphony No.2 - Mahler


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