The COLOSSEUM is in the centre of Watford and was previously part of The Town Hall. The Watford School of Music Youth Orchestra regularly performed there and so it became the obvious choice for the Clarendon.

Seating up to 1200 people, the venue is very suitable for large symphony concerts as well as rock and pop events which are a regular part of the programme. But the most important quality of the hall is its acoustics which makes it one of the most popular recording studios in the UK if not the world.

Recent screen scores such as The Mummy Returns and Lord of the Rings have been recorded at the Colosseum. Howard Shore, composer of the latter has said that he will not record anywhere else! His latest score for Return of the King is nominated for an Oscar.

Several of the London Orchestras put on concerts in Watford and also record at the Colosseum. There can not be many places that can boast such a venue in their town!

The Clarendon are delighted to be back in this great hall and their performance will be enhanced by an acoustic with a truly worldwide reputation.


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